2015-2020 F150 Center Console Lock Vault - Flow-Through Center Console Review & Install

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Feel safe and secure with your beloved items thanks to this Center Console Lock Vault. You can keep important valuables under lock and key in your 2015-2020 Ford F-150 thanks to its durable, resilient and safety-first construction. This Center Console Lock Vault also meets handgun vehicle storage requirements.

This Center Console Lock Vault is constructed of 12-gauge steel, which is remarkably strong and tough. The locking component is fully-welded and comes equipped with concealed anti-pry hinges. The Lock Vault has a latching mechanism which provides even more security.

Of course, you can store valuables or your handgun in the locked portion, but there are storage sections which don't lock. These portions of the Center Console Lock Vault have removable trays.

The purpose of the Center Console Lock Vault is safety, but opening it is not difficult for the user. All you have to do is remember your personal combination, but backup keys are included in the purchase.

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