A Barbara Out of Context I Genshin Impact Animatic

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Before anything else, Thank you very much for the 4k subs guys T^T.

Ok, I would like to emphasize that the audio was not from the official Japanese VA of Barbara, It is just a Voice Impression of this talented Filipino Vtuber : Kaheru (Honestly, if you don't know her yet, do check her out she has other voice impressions from genshin characters and other anime characters as well, which so awesome!)

The audio of her barbara voice impression:

Kaheru's YT channel:

Winblume Festival OST Extended Ver. by Tnbee:
(This guys has the awesome remixes of Genshin OST, Please do check it out as well)

The video is definitely a reference to Sage of Tanya the evil (Thank you to my bright little sister coz she popped the idea last minute and I was gonna trash this vid because I really didn't like it xD, as a courtesy to her idea, I finished it)

I will upload the part 2 of "Chongyun's Manic episode 2" next, so stay tuned!
Thank you very much for your viewership and if you're new and liked the video, Please do subscribe and hit that bell for notification of new uploads.
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