Black Patriots - Black footballers in Russia

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This year’s World Cup is held in Russia – a place where black footballers have often been racially abused while playing. In this film we meet three black footballers in Russia, for a multi-layered look at their life experiences.

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Mouhamed Kone
Thon Peter Athian
Mark Amado Balde

Directed by Turkina Faso @turkinafaso
Narrative & interviews by Mary Komarova @vorvalis
Edited by Vera Romanova @

Director of photography - Grigory Veksler @gregsler
Second camera - Turkina Faso
Drone operator - Max Listov @maxlistov
Sound on set - Vadim Sergatch @vadimsergach

Sound design & music by Andrey Novikov
Colour grading by Platon Lagutin @cut__art

Wardrobe stylist - Irina Dubina @iradubina
Producer in Russia - Valentina Tsymbalova @valentina_____ts
Production manager - Natalia Klimova @misssnatali


Translator (from French) - Natalia Menshikova
Translator (from English) - Andrew Freeburg
Translator (to Russian) - Mary Komarova
Title copyright - Olesya Iva

Special thanks to Denis Papen

Producer - Bec Evans
Executive producer - Thomas Gorton

Comissioner - Michael Lewin

Moscow / London 2018
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