Call of Duty League Play EXEperience

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Call of Duty League Play EXEperience

League Play is by far the most toxic cold war experience and it's the best. Best loadouts for this new mode
are either AK74U or XM4 / Krig. That's all you're gonna see. New bundles and
finishers in the shop look JUICY. Cold War Season 1 still dry, waiting for
Season 2 to bring some better stuff.

Go play League play and be toxic today, you'll encounter these people
1- dog players (me)
2- sweaty but actually good
3- sweaty but sucks ass and thinks they're playing for Optic


Naruto - Man of the world
Electric Light Orchestra - Mr. Blue Sky
Tekken Tag Tournament OST ~ Nina
The Pretenders - Boots of Chinese Plastic
Skrillex & Alvin Risk - Try It Out
Boku no Hero Academia OST - HERO A
Tokyo Ghoul Unravel

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