Can My New Crypto Mining Rig ACTUALLY EARN $51 a DAY?!

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iBeLink just released their newest Digital Cryptocurrency Mining Rigs, and their new miners are supposed to be mining $51 dollars a day and $15 dollars a day. WE GOT ONE, let's review our earnings! SUB to VoskCoin -

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This new crypto mining rig was supposed to earn $51 dollars a day mining cryptocurrency earning easy passive income from home. Isn't crypto mining dead though, how could this ASIC mining rig be so profitable?! Everyone buys crypto mining rigs based off of mining profitability projections, however, we now have one in our own mining farm so we can tell you the actual real-world mining profitability and how much passive income we are earning daily mining cryptocurrency with it! Let's review the iBeLink BM-K1 an ASIC crypto mining rig that mines Kadena KDA that we are trading into Bitcoin and dollars, so we are effectively mining Bitcoin with this with a couple extra steps!

Review my real-time mining profitability HERE!

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00:00 - 01:44 Crypto miner projected to earn $51 a day
01:45 - 02:48 iBeLink's crypto miners profitability recap
02:49 - 03:18 How much does this crypto miner cost?
03:19 - 03:49 Crypto mining profitability and power consumption
03:50 - 04:30 What is Kadena (KDA)?
04:31 - 06:04 Kadena's Mining History
06:05 - 08:15 How Mining algorithms for Crypto Coins Change
08:16 - 09:08 How many coins does it mine? Earnings?
09:09 - 09:42 Bityard Contracts Exchange
09:43 - 11:03 How much money did I earn mining cryptocurrency
11:04 - 14:25 Crypto mining return on investment ROI
14:26 - 15:15 Where I'm turning mined coins into Bitcoin and dollars
15:16 - 16:20 iBeLink BM-K1 mining pool settings configuration
16:21 - 16:48 Rejected and discarded shares submitted
16:49 - 17:45 How much money am I earning DAILY Crypto Mining
17:46 - 18:25 Should you buy a crypto mining rig for passive income
18:26 - 19:08 iBeLink BM-K1 -- should you buy it?

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