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"Chhotu' de mobile video"
is a story of Chhotu whose wife is very grateful to him and fights with him all the time.
Leave one day, he is using his mobile, then he likes the photo of his friend there.
The wife fights over why you liked her or he says she is your friend I liked her but his wife says no he has an affair with one of the two friends He comes and says that you have a call and I have to go to see him. His wife says that when I come back, bring me some fritters.
Chhotu's friend Motu is in the process of trapping Choto. When Chhotu goes to his friend Motu, Motu is planning with his friend that today he has to trap the little ones who come to him.
I meet him and he starts crying that my wife does a lot,
so he makes a fat excuse and gets on the side. Makes a video of and comes back and sits down and asks permission and says I have to go then Motu says ok you go when Chhotu leaves then Motu sends Choto's video to his wife When Chhoto goes to his house,
his wife has seen the video. As soon as he enters the house, his wife asks who you went to meet. Too says I went to him but his wife when The video shows that look who is this person with whom you are sharing your sorrows. He gets small and tells his wife that a mistake has been made. Forgive me. She says no. I will not give up and starts beating the little ones who say in the end, "Look, it's not my fault, I was killed."

Hello our dear you ready to watch a brand new video of your favourite comedian Faizo Kukar Baz? After watching this new comedy video you will definitely entertain.

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He is the first Saraiki Comedian in Pakistan. He has many HIT Saraki films and Dramas on his credit. He has been worked in more then 40 films and more then 100 dramas.

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