♪ CHILD'S PLAY 1988 THE MUSICAL - Animated Song

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Animated music video about the 1988 movie: CHILD'S PLAY
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Movie Musicals #73: Child's Play 1988 The Musical
Everyone thinks sweet little song-singin' Andy is a murderer after he gets a new Good Guys doll named even though his new toy, possessed with the soul of evil scumbag Charles Lee Ray, is actually the culprit.

►Animation: Dewald de la Rey ()
►Lyrics, Song, Vocals: Logan H-Clark ()
►Vocals & Co-Producer: Whitney Di Stefano ()


Being a single mom ain’t easy, work’s so tough,
Don’t make a lot of money, life is rough.
Want to see my son happy, Chucky made him thrilled,
How could I predict that the doll would make him kill?
Andy couldn’t murder, he’s just a child,
He’s innocent, just LOOK at his sweet smile.
My sweet son’s freedom is about to expire,
Talk to me d***it or I’ll throw you in the fire!

You stupid b****, you filthy s***,
Teach you to f*** with me, I’ll bite you up.
I’ve got business to settle, need revenge,
Waste Eddie first, then Mike will end.
Most importantly of all, need outta this body,
It’s plastic, pathetic, rather shoddy.
John’s Haitian so he must know voodoo basics, What?!
It’s the 80s, such an assumption isn’t r****t.

Charles Lee Ray gets shot and falls,
Transferred his soul into a doll.
Foul-mouthed, likes to kill,
Is it for revenge and for the thrill?
His shirt says Good Guys, that’s a lie,
Because he makes good people die.
Is he evil?
Killing people.

Voodoo John:
You’re an abomination, an outrage against nature,
I will not help you, of that you can be a sure.
But if you insist on torture, I might change my mind,
You must trade bodies with the boy or be stuck for all time.
If you want to stop Chucky, it will be so hard,
The only way to finish him is to kill the heart.

My favorite thing in the world is the Good Guys,
Having one of my own lights up my eyes.
That is, until he started to murder,
At first I could forgive, but he kept going further.
No one believes me, they think I’m crazy,
Blame ME for Chucky’s indecency.
Once he’s exposed and his murderous trend,
Light him up, this is the end, friend.


Don’t blame me because you’re cheap,
Who buys toys from a hobo in the streets?
What were the odds that I wouldn’t be defective?
This is YOUR fault and that damned detective.
Gotta trade-in my body for Andy’s,
Cause this weak plastic vessel isn’t handy.
You bought me, you got me, we’re bound for life.
Quit your b****in’, embrace my knife.


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