Doll Artist Studio Tour – The Doll Fairy Room Tour and Materials/ Supplies for Doll Customizing

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Ever wonder what my workspace looks like? Let’s take a tour through my art studio/ bed room/ doll room, haha! I will also show you in detail many of the supplies that I use for my art. Check out the link below to my Amazon Storefront to see the products I like, and if you make a purchase, a small percentage will support The Doll Fairy!

My Amazon Storefront: You can see supplies that I use/like and buy them from Amazon here. When you buy them from this link, I get a small percentage, so it helps to support my videos!

NOTE: At the moment, some of the supplies I like and put in my Storefront are unavailable on Amazon because of the COVID-19 crisis. Most notably, the mask and filters I use are prioritized for frontline workers dealing with the crisis such as medical professionals or essential workers needing protection, so you can’t buy them for doll customization at the moment. Try again sometime in the future when things calm down, but DO NOT attempt to spray MSC without the proper protection of an industrial grade respirator mask.

You can purchase the hand-painted Pokémon Peg Pals featured in the video here:

(limited quantities available!)

Another Note: I filmed this video months ago, in case you happen to notice any discrepancies in my doll collection, as I have gained a few more dolls since

Some supplies also from:


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