Election results: State of play in remaining key states

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Fox News has given a crucial update to the key states still in play in the US Election and when states are expected to call their results.

Fox News and the Associated Press called Arizona for the former vice president late on election night, but the president’s campaign claimed it was way too early to call the state given there were more than half a million votes yet to be counted.

There are now 400,000 votes still to be counted, and Trump campaign has indicated it still believes there are enough votes to make up the now 80,000 vote deficit.

Joe Biden needs to win both Arizona and Nevada to secure the presidency, but only leads by 8,000 votes in the Sin City state.

Georgia has been a Republican stronghold since it last flipped Democrat in 1992 when Bill Clinton won the state.

President Donald Trump still leads in Georgia with around 94 per cent of the vote counted, but crucial mail-in ballots are still being counted with a result expected between midnight and 3am local time.

The President’s lead in Pennsylvania has dissipated from around 600,000 votes to just under 200,000.

Althought the President's lead has shortened, almost all of the votes from the key Democratic stronghold of Pittsburgh have been counted, with Philadelphia posing as the last hope for Joe Biden’s campaign in the key stone state.
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