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Hi Team,
For those new to the channel - I try to upload a couple of times a week, but keep in mind some days I just can't get out detecting or maybe no targets on the day. Almost every upload is a Premiere - which is played for the very first time on Youtube. We get many people joining the live viewing and interacting in chat while the premiere is playing. So make sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon to be notified of the Premieres

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My GPX Handle - SD GP GPX Solid Swinger Wood Handle - email Peter: Solidswinger@
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I would also like to thank all of my wonderful subscribers in showing interest and taking time out of your lives to watch my adventures. For those not subbed please consider hitting that button for many future adventures.

In the video’s its just about capturing the events that unfold on our journey through our gold detecting, and the best part about that is we just never know what the day will bring. Certainly we get excitement just from being out there. But the joys of finding gold no matter what the size is something we just never get back and need to share these moment.

Gold and metal detecting in Victoria in the wonderful golden triangle goldfields using mostly Minelab GPX 4500 with the Coiltek Elite Mono’s coils.

Having that 30% Increase is very well needed just to punch that extra depth and provide a better response

Make sure to head over and check out Coiltek’s full range of coils and don’t delay any more – Coils are available from a majority of Gold Detector sales shops Australia Wide.

For specs visit Coiltek Website Here

Coiltek Youtube Channel -

For any new operators looking to get a machine, as we know Minelab are the world leaders in gold detecting technology with detectors, so head over and make your choice. The top machines are GPZ 7000, GPX range – and the mighty little SDC all machines have their pro’s and cons

be sure to check which suits your needs. For specs visit here

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As always be safe and well, take care and hope to talk with you all very soon.

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Best Regards, Minelab Gold
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