Grey Heaven Fall (Russia) - Spirit of Oppression (Black/Death Metal)

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Uploaded with permission from the label for promotional purposes via Transcending Obscurity.

Record Label: Aesthetics of Death -


Album: 'Black Wisdom'

Description: Cult label Aesthetics of Devastation unearths this gem from the depths of Russia, a shockingly good piece of black/death metal. The genre of late has left little to the imagination, and yet here comes a band with a vision so fresh, you'd be forced to eat your words. It's difficult to explain everything about the album in brief, but suffice to say, it has the best elements of both main styles, and even adds the melancholic touches of doom, not to mention the hypnotic and weirdly engaging hooks, and is presented with an air of mystifying dissonance and backed with forceful execution. The band traverses various territories in a strategic way, as you're left aghast at the sheer competence for pulling it all off without straying too far from the original sound propagated by Grey Heaven Fall. This is an absolutely astonishing album that rivals the best of the best. Each song is a masterpiece in its own way. Listen to them all. Listen carefully.

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