How to Easily Manage All Your Subscriptions on iOS and Android

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While it seems so convenient to automatically charge for a monthly or yearly subscription without thinking about it, we often all sign up for too many free trials and auto payments to firmly keep track.

Luckily, both iOS and Android have systems built in to monitor when your pesky subscriptions renew (I’m looking at you, Squarespace!) so there’s no more surprise charges.

On your iPhone, go to Settings, Apple ID, then Subscriptions. While you’re there, make sure you’ve turned on renewal receipts so you get a little email whenever your subscription is about to renew. You can also set up a handy shortcut to do this whole process with one tap. To get the shortcut, open this this URL in your Safari browser:

For more info on that shortcut, check out this Twitter thread.

On Android, visit your Google Account’s Payment & Subscriptions section. Then tap Play Store, Hamburger icon, Subscriptions. (Fun fact: I just learned that the hamburger icon does not look like an actual hamburger.)

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