How to Set Up T-Mobile FamilyMode: Manage Your Family's Digital Life

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Learn how to set up and use T-Mobile FamilyMode, the all-in-one solution to help you manage your family’s digital life across all of your devices. This tutorial will walk you through the steps of setting up devices and time limits, scheduling and pausing access, as well as giving rewards. Find out more:

Steps covered in the video:
0:12 Initial app sign in
0:28 Setting profiles, filters, & bedtime
1:06 Adding devices
1:35 Setting time limits, pausing & managing usage
2:04 Keeping track of location & giving rewards

Download the app for iOS:
Download the app for Android:

You can now determine what, when and where your kids have access to the internet. The daily/weekend time limits allow you to control your children's internet usage and pause the access when it's family time, or time to sleep with the BedTime feature. The app and content filter, as well as the GPS tracker, help you to ensure child safety online and in the real world. Learn more about the FamilyMode:

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This T-Mobile tutorial shows how to set up the new parental control app FamilyMode.
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