I Got A Letter From Some Gold Digger. She Says She's My Mom!

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Hello there! My name is Emma. I have been celebrating my birthday on the 27th of October since I was a baby, but on my 18th birthday I learned some new shocking information about my birth.

Last fall, on October 20, I was having a typical day on my college campus until I received a mysterious box and a bouquet of flowers. The card said: “Happy birthday, Emma. -Mom!” It was weird, because my birthday was on October 27th. And besides, my Mom knew that I hated roses. I called her right away and she said that she didn't send me anything… For some mysterious reason, my Mom got very nervous. But I told her that it was probably a mistake from the delivery service.
And didn't wanna leave some girl out there without a birthday gift, so I called the delivery guy. He checked everything again. The order was correct. A random lady from Uruguay had sent me a gift and flowers.

I opened the box and saw an old fashioned doll and a letter. It was written in English with a lot of mistakes. The lady called herself Micaela. She claimed that she was my biological mother. According to her I was born premature and was very weak. Doctors didn't register my birth because no one believed that I would The letter also contained a copy of a birth certificate and a photo of a young woman who looked exactly like me. She was holding a small baby and smiling.
I felt very weird… I mean… My parents had never told me anything about adoption. They’re both from Argentina, but grew up in the USA. I was convinced that I was Argentinian, even though I didn't look like my relatives. So of course I was intrigued!

Micaela was forced to sign a nondisclosure agreement and stay away from me. That’s why she hadn't reached out to me on social media this whole time. She was afraid of my parents’ revenge! And I wasn't surprised. My father is really intense. It's good for the family business, but our relationship has always been tough. Micaela has been waiting for years to write me. Since I was almost 18 years old, she invited me to visit Uruguay and to make up my own mind. She left an email in case I decided to reach out to her.

After a week, I went to my parents' house. My folks had organized a fabulous birthday party for me. But I couldn't relax and have fun. Part of me was still thinking about that letter, when I was looking at that picture, something told me that it was true… On the other hand, I didn't wanna break my parents’ hearts by telling them that I doubted them… So, I finally came up with a plan to go to Uruguay secretly to meet Micaela. My parents had put a solid sum of money in my bank account as a gift for my birthday and I could easily afford to take that trip.

I sent an email to Micaela and she provided me with the details and her current address. I had a long exhausting flight to Montevideo, after which, I took a bus to her native town. The neighborhood looked very poor and dusty. It was the scariest moment of my life and I felt like the main character of an action movie.

Micaela met me at a bus station with two little kids — Mia and Carlos. She gave me a hug and I cried. She didn't look like that young woman from the picture anymore, but I still liked her. We went to her house. She told me that my father had died before I was born. She didn't have any money to take care of me and her decision to give me away for adoption was the hardest decision of her life. Many years later she got married Diego and gave birth to Mia and Carlos. But he was an alcoholic and behaved awfully. Micaela had kicked him out of the house and told him that she wanted a divorce.

We had a family dinner and Micaela offered to let me stay and sleep on a couch. I was exhausted by the trip and fell asleep immediately. In the middle of the night, I woke up hearing noises. I sensed the smell of alcohol. Suddenly someone turned the TV on and flopped down on the couch without even noticing me. I shouted and he bounced off the couch. It was Diego and he was scared to death. He began to yell in Spanish and tried to push me out of the house. Micaela and the kids woke up. She tried to calm him down, but he was very drunk and aggressive. He kept on screaming that the house was his property. He threatened Micaela and the kids… They had a barn in the backyard and Diego made us go there. He tried to lock us in there until we “learned to behave well.” Nobody knew that I was in Uruguay and I didn't wanna be locked in a barn for ages!… I panicked, pushed Diego, and grabbed the key. He fell on the floor and we ran out of the barn. I locked him in from outside. Then I called a taxi and took Micaela and the kids to a hotel.




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