Kevin Durant WON’T play - what NO ONE will say about KD [NETS PLAYOFFS]

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Kevin Durant told ESPN that his “season is over” and that he is not ready for the intensity of the NBA playoffs when they tip off at Disney World in August. Some fans think Durant is making the correct decision and he should be as safe as possible but others think if he is healthy he should play. In this video we say what a lot of people are thinking but no one will say about Kevin Durant: he looks healthy enough to play and if he is able to take the court then this decision should affect his legacy. KD tore his achilles over a year ago and put his name in to play for USA basketball at the Olympics. The Games would have started 1 week before the NBA training camp. Durant is being conservative and that is not what the greatest players of all time have done historically. Let me know if you agree or disagree in the comments!

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