LET'S PLAY: Green Hell Part 2 - chocoTaco and Reid Green Hell Gameplay

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Today our heroes find themselves in pickles anew - which, given how we left them, isn't a surprise. Reid's got worms, choco already died, and both boys are very, very thirsty. Plus it's dark - too dark. While choco tries to build a fire and a shelter, Reid slowly slips into madness and more worms, and although fire may or may not be accomplished, it is a false victory. There's always more work to do in the jungle, and that work is downright impossible when you're lost and coconut-less, turns out. #chocoTaco #GreenHell #ReidLikesGames

You can watch the full Green Hell gameplay on the VOD here: , or see choco stream LIVE at . You can go support Reid's YouTube channel here: , or check out his Twitch stream at

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