Let's Play SNAKE OIL! | Overboard, Episode 25

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We would love to sell you some [PRODUCT] on the latest episode of Overboard, featuring special guest Niki Grayson!

Today we're playing Snake Oil, a party game where players try to pitch ridiculous products to that round's customer. Nicholas Greyson, our special guest, is the Social Editor of Fanbyte, and you can find him on Twitter:

0:00 The Rules of Snake Oil
1:23 Introducing Nicholas Grayson!
1:44 Round 1: Clown
9:23 Round 2: Princess
16:05 Round 3: Mad Scientist
22:32 Round 4: Snowman
28:46 Round 5: Alien Robot
34:50 Round 6: Executioner
39:41 Goodbye!

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