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Hey everyone! Welcome to the first ever stream on this channel! Today we will be playing some minecraft, where you guys can join in on the fun! Server:
---------HYPE points---------

(still a work in progress)

HYPE points are the channel currency that you can use to interact and redeem funny GIFS, watching the stream for 10 Minutes gives you 2 HYPE points, while subscribing gives you 50!

HYPE points are a great way of interacting with the community, and will be expanded in the future

Join the discord for behind the scenes fun!

!redeem_holybejeesus - 5 HYPE points - Witnessed something short of a miracle?

!redeem_f - 10 HYPE points - Hypie just did the dumbest thing you can imagine? F's in the chat bois!

!redeem_epic - 20 HYPE points - I can't believe my eyes!

!points - Check your HYPE points

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