Madeon - All My Friends (Official Audio)

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Grammy Nominated for Best Dance/Electronic Album

I missed you.
This is a song I wrote and produced and am singing on, it's the kind of music I was hoping I would be able to make someday, I hope you have fun with it.

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Lyrics :

All my friends are watching
I can hear them talking

Tell me what’s going on
Can you take me there?
Before the morning comes
Can you make me care?
Tell me what’s going on
Help me fade into flashing lights
Yeah I’ve been working overtime

Cause all my friends
They know
Been making messes out of silence
If we’re the same
Let me let go
Somebody save me from the madness


Come watch us rise again
Out of the fever
Life will never be the same
I’m a believer
Don’t call us another name
We were born to the same sunrise
It’s getting brighter all the time

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