Modern Warfare Games of Summer: Shooting Range Guide (Day 5)

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The CoD Modern Warfare Games of Summer wraps up with the King Shooting Range, and three new rewards to earn for medals. With a gold medal on every trial, you'll earn a Grau blueprint. My time here using my first basic route was , which I'm sure is no world record, but hopefully the path I took is relatively straightforward to follow, along with some tips & tricks to help guide you to the gold medal with some practice.

0:00 - Intro & Games of Summer rewards
0:03 - Trial description
0:30- Full run walkthrough & best route guide
2:07 - Full speed run
2:53 - Full speed with double pistol
3:23 - Are collaterals important?
3:31 - Grau Steeplechase showcase
4:00 - Leaderboard explanation
4:36 - I'm on the leaderboards?

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