New BMW M4 vs Porsche Cayman GT4 - Shootout | Fifth Gear

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In this brand new video, exclusive to YouTube, we’ve got another epic shootout. This time, Jason’s on track at Castle Combe to see if the brand new BMW M4 trumps the mighty Porsche GT4. Thanks to BOTB for sponsoring this video. BOTB now give away TWO cars every week in their Dream Car and Midweek Car competitions. And they've now added £50,000 cash to every single car in the Dream Car line-up! You could win a BMW or a Porsche - with £50,000 cash in the boot - for just a few pounds.

You only have to be 17 or over to enter and they have over 150 other cars to choose from with tickets ranging from just £ to £5.

They've been around for 20 years and have given away £38 million in prizes so far, so now could be your time to join their list of winners. There's also the chance to win an EXTRA £20,000 cash in the boot. For a chance to be their next Dream Car winner, enter here ????

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