Ranton Podcast #10 - My Comeback, Sekiro, Devil May Cry 5, Russia, Black Hole, ENDGAME REVIEW

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The Ranton Podcast is back! Check out the Timestamps below!

01:01 The Comeback Video
01:43 Why I left YouTube
06:13 Collabing with other Youtubers (AngryJoe)
17:17 The New Ranton Content
20:53 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (the Surge)
31:39 All the Bad Games for February (Crackdown 3, Jump Force, FC: New Dawn)
33:45 Devil May Cry 5
36:30 Rant about LegacyKillaHD, YongYea, GameRanx
42:51 Andi's Huge Final Fanty XV Rant
53:06 I have 100% in Red Dead Redemption Now what?
1:00:00 New thoughts on God of War
1:04:28 Black Hole Picture
1:10:03 Dream Travel Destinations
1:10:49 Indie Games vs AAA Games
1:13:24 Is my content offensive?
1:15:57 Favorite musc and spotify playlists
1:20:13 Super Smash Ultimate Main Characters
1:21:58 What do I do besides YouTube?
1:22:44 What do I love about Russia?
1:24:55 A little bit of Anime Bashing
1:28:14 ENDGAME DISCUSSION (Watch at your own peril)




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