Rockstar Games Opens A New Studio! - GTA Series REMASTERED or a NEW Rockstar Game.. Could it Happen?

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Could Rockstar Be REMASTERING Old GTA Games?

Rockstar Games Acquired Ruffian Games:
Rockstar Dundee:
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GTA 6 Listing:


Today it was confirmed that Rockstar Games has acquired Ruffian Games. Known for games like the Crackdown Series and the Halo: Master Chief Collection, this studio acquired by Rockstar Games has been rebranded and is now officially known as Rockstar Dundee. In October 2019, Ruffian games announced that they are hiring to help work on 'unspecified' Rockstar Games titles. Well one year later here we are. Given Ruffian games history of remastering old games with Halo, could it be possible that we could see a remaster or GTA: Definitive Edition for next-generation? Without speculating too much, that would be AMAZING. Maybe we'll get a new title, or this new studio will help Rockstar on GTA 6. Only time will tell.

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