Russia: Latest Russian submarine 'Krasnodar' joins Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol

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The new diesel-electric submarine 'Krasnodar' has joined the Russian Black Sea Fleet, docking at the Southern Bay of Sevastopol on Wednesday. Krasnodar is the fourth submarine of the Warszawianka type obtained by the Black Sea Fleet and is said to be among the quietest warships in the world.

SOT, Stanislav Rzhitsky, captain 2nd rank (Russian): "The crew demonstrated calmness and performed its actions clearly. There was no disturbance at all. Everyone knew what to do since it had been rehearsed before. All that was needed was done and designated targets were hit in due time."

SOT, Stanislav Rzhitsky, captain 2nd rank (Russian): "The submarine was constantly in contact with the NATO anti-submarine forces since its departure from the city of Baltiysk up to the transition from the Tartus port to the Sevastopol port."

SOT, Stanislav Rzhitsky, captain 2nd rank (Russian): "The [NATO] anti-submarine aviation including aircrafts of various classes and anti-submarine helicopters, both shipborne and land-based were circling above us. Surface ships, from patrol boats to cruisers of the US Navy, were also used."

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