Russia: Works by Russian painter Aivazovsky reportedly found on 19th century Black Sea shipwreck

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The Neptune underwater expedition released footage taken of the Russian steamship the General Kotzebue, which sank in 1895 near Crimean peninsula, filmed in 2018 and released on Saturday.

The video shows the paintings, partially covered with a layer of silt, which were found by experts during the dive to the sunken ship.

According to the experts, some of these paintings might belong to Russian Romantic painter Ivan Aivazovsky.

The steamboat lies at a 40-metre (131 feet) depth, 19km (12 miles) from Cape Tarkhankut in the west of the Crimean peninsula.

In total 10 fragments of canvases have reportedly been found on the ship, although due to a high risk of damage to the artefacts they cannot currently be raised up from the seabed.

On April 16, 1895 the General Kotzebue collided with the Russian warship Penderaklia at Cape Tarkhankut and sank.

The ship was discovered at the bottom of the Black Sea over a decade ago, but detailed study of its remains only began in the summer of 2018.

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