Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Review - FINALLY Memorable

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0:00 - Intro
1:40 - Premise
2:17 - Hardware
5:15 - Software and Experience
7:15 - Camera
10:50 - Conclusion
11:45 - Pricing

There is a simple way for a company to spare a product from being forgettable, and that's to actually walk the talk. If you're gonna call your phone Ultra, price it like a MacBook Pro, and paint 100X zoom on the camera You're automatically setting the bar really high for when testing begins.

I'm not gonna call the Galaxy S20 Ultra a bad phone, but its flaws made it quickly forgettable. It was full of nice ideas, but sadly, the implementation made it really hard to recommend. I even felt it was ahead of its time, and proof was seen with how well the Note 20 Ultra came to save face. It shows how second generation products are always a better investment.

Now, what happens when you get to generation 3? What if the idea matured to where there is no more need to boast numbers on a chassis, fan-favorite features are finally added, and the price dropped in such a way that you can almost forgive the other important features that were removed.

Well, this is the Galaxy S21 Ultra, what Samsung calls an Ultra that easily lives up to its name, which is actually a statement that I'm willing to agree on in almost everything. After about a week in a half of testing, there is a lot to Unpack. I'm Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow, and this is our review sponsored by SUPCASE. Stick around to learn how you can win a Galaxy S21 and a Galaxy S21 Ultra.


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