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Shure MV7 USB/XLR Microphone Review. Perfect for streamers who need the flexibility of a combination USB/XLR microphone. Such as those who want to talk on their consoles and their streams at the same time with a single mic. It also sounds great, looks great, and feels great with excellent build quality. It is perfect for those who are needing a high-end USB microphone that will later transition to XLR down the line, those who travel, those who stream/record console and PC gameplay, and/or those who want a dynamic microphone that limits the sound around you. I do NOT recommend it for those who are buying this for XLR as I think other microphones sound better for cheaper if you already have an Audio Interface. It has a strong proximity effect and will require some tweaking to get the best sound. It comes with a built-in shock mount and you will need to buy an external boom arm or mount.

Many have compared it to the Shure SM7B XLR Microphone. I personally don’t find this to be a reasonable comparison. As the SM7B sounds better, is far more expensive, and is just a better microphone all around while being made for a completely different target market. I think a lot of the confusion comes from it looking very similar while having a similar name. MV7 vs SM7B, sheesh that was either intentional or someone got fired.

I think the asking price of $250 is a bit too expensive and a more competitive or sale price would be $150 - $200.


Shure MV7 Microphone: ()

Audio Interface: GOXLR MINI: ()
Audio Interface 2: FOCUSRITE ITRACK SOLO: ()
Recommend Audio Interface: OCUSRITE SCARLETT: () or 2i2: ().

Mine (Rode PSA1): ()
Blue Compass: ()
Cost Effective: ()


Intro: 00:00:00
MV7 vs SM7B: 00:57:17
Target Market: 01:26
Why It’s a Banger: 01:45
For Travel/Build Quality/Design: 02:27
Dynamic Microphone: 02:46
Recommendation as a USB Mic: 03:01
USB vs XLR: 03:15
Cons of XLR: 03:29
Recommendation as an XLR Mic: 03:35
Shock Mount/Boom Arm: 03:47
Boom Arm Recommendation: 03:53
How I tested it: 04:35
As an XLR Mic: 04:43
Sound Transference: 05:31
Windscreen: 05:46
Proximity Effect: 06:03
Proximity Effect Example: 06:10
Mic Test W/ Processing: 06:26
Mic Test W/out Processing: 06:53
What it comes with: 07:33
What it doesn’t come with: 08:00
Setup: 08:18
Conclusion: 08:51


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