Streaming, hotdogs and the competitve nature of CS:GO broadcasting | Richard Lewis Interviews Pimp

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Richard Lewis sits down with one of the nicest guys in CS:GO and an iconic voice of CS:GO broadcasting, Jacob 'Pimp' Winneche. The duo discusses what happened between Pimp and MSL, selling hotdogs, retirement from CS:GO and the transition to broadcasting and the toxicity of streaming CS:GO on twitch.

00:45 Buying a house.
02:55 Selling hotdogs, earning money and working hard.
05:05 Retirement, offers after liquid, and what led up to departing.
10:00 Your history of teams/team mates, and why that didn’t lead to better offers after liquid.
15:00 Falling out with MSL after years of friendship.
18:45 Transition to working on the broadcast as an analyst, is it as you expected at the start?
22:10 The competitive nature in broadcasting, avoiding conflict on the desk.
28:18 The hate from the community calling you "toxic".
34:06 The situation on stream where you played against cheaters, more judgements from reddit.
46:22 Anti-fans on streams.
49:35 The lack of dedicated CS streamers, does the uncertainty of streaming worry you?
53:57 What's coming next?
56:58 Final goodbyes.


Jacob 'Pimp' Winneche

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