studio vlog 05 ✸ a store update! packing washi and 3-ring binders, what is tissue paper

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hi hi hi!!!!
i have to admit that the footage from this vlog is quite old-- i finish up the video by saying "happy october" so you see where this aerilovelys timeline is. i actually didn't include all of the footage i thought i would for this!! there is a LOT more that i will be putting in the next one. really going to try getting back on track with posting. thank you all for your love. between the election and other things happening it is hard to stay productive but it is what it is. packing orders and editing videos gives me a reason to stay busy and i appreciate it so much.

(also, mini binders are still available but almost completely out)

with love and wishing you all to be healthy and safe,
aerilovelys xx

S O C I A L ????✨
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