studio vlog ep. 3 ・゚: * shop restock, new stickers, mini daiso haul + how I organize stocks ☻

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waaah, I can't believe we're already on our third studio vlog! I still don't have a studio and still take up space in our dining but I've come up with ways to make it more organized! Batch 3 was my biggest restock yet, and here's how I prepared for it!

this was really fun for me because I got to take you outside even just for a short while, haha! let me know if you want to see vlogs about my daily hmmm. also, thank you so much for supporting my small store. I was really excited about the upgraded and new sticker designs I came up with! I'm really excited for the next restock - I hope you'll look forward to it!

also getting rid of the paper envelopes we have. we just ran out of our stocks (thank you for your support!) and we'll now use 100% biodegradable and compostable packaging for all orders moving forward. this is our small way of reducing the waste we produce. ^^

also, happy 13k to us! here's to more friends on the interwebs~

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