Take That Diatab w Arjo Atayde | Family Friends | Ep.14

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In this episode we've got a family friend, actor, entrepreneur, and all around nice guy joining us in the studio, Arjo Atayde! Come join us as we get to know Arjo a lot better! We talk about our weeks, some of Arjo's movies and up coming work, we find out who his favorite actors are, what his favorite color is, and even hear some interesting stories about his work and personal life! We also got a bunch of Make Your Picks sent out by some new and familiar faces! We also play the S Game, the Whisper Challenge, do a table read for Space Jam, and dub a scene from The Breakfast Club! We had a great time this week! We hope you enjoy chilling with us!

0:00 - NEW MERCH
0:35 - Intro
2:40 - Week Recap w Arjo
3:24 - "'Tol" Recap
5:10 - How Arjo Got Into Comedy
6:00 - Arjo's Career as a Villain
7:00 - How Arjo Accepted His Role in "'Tol"
10:15 - "Stranded" & "Love Lockdown" Recap
16:00 - Arjo Talks Having a Relationship in Showbiz
17:25 - Arjo's Favorite Color
18:30 - Iken's Debate Story
19:30 - Arjo's Favorite Actors
23:00 - Make Your Pick: Fart Through Mouth or Burp Through Butt
25:00 - Make Your Pick: Go Into the Past or Go Into the Future
28:00 - Our Exotic Pet Picks
31:00 - Make Your Pick: Be Human or Be an Animal
36:45 - S Game: Things You Do in the Bathroom
40:20 - S Game: Things You Do in a House
43:20 - Make Your Pick: COD or Counter-Strike
49:00 - Where to Watch Arjo
50:15 - Table Read: Space Jam
1:04:20 - Whisper Challenge
1:31:00 - Craziest Club Stories
1:35:00 - Arjo's Pep Squad Days
1:36:20 - Dubbing "The Breakfast Club"
1:43:05 - "Hey Joe" Recap: Arjo's New Upcoming Project!
1:44:25 - Outro

Thank you to Gela Atayde, Ria Atayde, Tito Ramon, Enchong Dee, and Peepoy for sending in your video submissions!

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