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The Harrier in War Thunder is a lot of fun but not for the reasons you think. This is War Thunders first VTOL Jet in the game and I got to test it early in the Dev Server.

The Harrier is still not finished (I hope) so I didn't want to make a serious video on it. The Dev Server in War Thunder was pretty glitchy as expected so it's difficult to fully understand how the Harrier will perform in reality.

The Harrier in the Dev Server has most of its real life functionality if not a little exaggerated. The VTOL works for the most part and it definitely has a lot of thrust. I got to VTOL from a New Carrier in War Thunder and fly it around shooting down planes with SRAAMS and the 30mm cannons.

The Harrier shown is the British Premium Harrier in War Thunder which will be available for Preorder soon. Is the Harrier in War Thunder worth it? Probably. We'll just have to wait until the live server instead of the War Thunder Dev Server.

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Intro Visuals (00:00)
Intro Combat (00:20)
The Harrier (02:00)
VTOL & Flight (03:12)
Fun Stuff (09:05)
Live Match (10:47)
More Fun Stuff (12:56)
My Thoughts (14:09)
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