The Last of Us 2 is Pathetic | TLOU 2 Ending is Even Worse Than the Leaks

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The Last of Us Part II is here despite the overwhelmingly positive The Last of Us 2 reviews from games media, most people it seems like who do not directly profit from Sony paying for advertising on their website and had to go out and purchase the game are citing major issues with TLOU2 especially in regards to the story and more specifically the ending. The Last of Us's gameplay is definitely not known for being the best but instead was carried by its story. in the case of TLOU2, the story seems to be a major issue in terms of being drawn out, boring, and filled with unlikable characters. after all, you have to spend playing half the game as the GameStop Ma'am herself, The Last of Us 2 Abby. I watched most of the major cutscenes and the ending and can safely say that The Last of Us 2 is even worse than we thought from the leaks and the TLOU2 ending is absolutely pathetic.

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