The Phone of the Wind (2020) [風の電話] (Part 2) Full Movie English Sub HD

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Inspired by a true story. Haru in Hiroshima goes back to her hometown in Iwate Prefecture. She comes upon the "Wind's Telephone." Set in a garden, the "Wind's Telephone" is a white phone booth with a black telephone placed in it. The phone booth is not connected to any telephone lines or wires. People come here to talk to those that passed away or are missing. During Haru's journey, she meets various people.
実話に触発されました。 広島の春は故郷の岩手県に帰ります。 彼女は「風の電話」に出くわす。 庭に設置された「風の電話」は、黒い電話が置かれた白い電話ボックスです。 電話ボックスは電話回線や配線に接続されていません。 亡くなった人や行方不明の人と話すために人々はここに来ます。 春の旅の間、彼女は様々な人々に出会います。

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Also Known As: Kaze no Denwa , The Wind Call , Wind's Telephone , Voices in the Wind
Country: Japan
Genres: Drama, Life, Melodrama, Movie
Date aired: Jan 24, 2020

Main Role:
Motola Serena as Haru

Support Role:
Nishijima Hidetoshi as Morio
Miura Tomokazu as Kohei
Nishida Toshiyuki
Watanabe Makiko as Hiroko
Yamamoto Mirai
Urabe Fusako
Ikezu Shoko
Ishibashi Kei
Shinohara Atsushi
Takahashi Rion

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