UNiCORN CATCH ???? Adley App Reviews her First Game! save unicorns, new coloring book, play drop tes

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HEY EVERYBODY!! I HAVE MY VERY OWN APP NOW!! Isn't that so cool?! You all know that I love doing Adley App Reviews for you and we thought it was a great idea to make an app that you all could play along with me!! The App is Called Unicorn Catch and combined some of my favorite things to make it fun! Join me in an adventure where we sail to magical worlds on top of a cloud to catch Unicorns and Rainbows as they fall from the sky but watch out for Unicorn Poop!! It looks magical but isn't good for your points!! After you catch all the Unicorns, make your way to the home page and try out the coloring book! We have a lot of pages that feature unicorns doing cool things like sky diving, snowboarding, skateboarding, and playing with friends! You can even save your pictures and then send them to me! I really love this game and I hope you do too! Get the app and we can all play together!!

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Bye vlog *pshhhhh*
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