Why I'm EXCITED To Return! Reasons To Play Shadowlands Pre-Patch & What You Should DO!

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Prepatch is in the next week or two - should you start playing again, or just wait until Shadowlands comes out? Here's reasons why you should (& shouldn't!)
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00:00 Intro
1:00 Reason #1
1:40 Class Changes
2:58 Scourge Invasion
4:08 The Story
5:27 Levelling Revamp!
7:16 Introduce Your Friends - The New Player Experience
7:58 Prepare for Shadowlands
8:50 Update Your UI & Keybinds
10:12 Get A Makeover
11:03 It's Not Battle For Azeroth!
12:18 Character Customisation
13:56 Hunter Tames
14:32 Final Tidbits
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